Nile University Supply Chain Management Course

First Module

Here you will find the materials of the course, including presentations, minicases and Excel exercises. The contents, as of January the 10th, are


1.-Summary of the module and preparation sheets

2.-Masteriense. A simple spreadsheet for the Masteriense case. Used as an introduction and reference to Solver

3.-Global Manufacturing The spreadsheet for Highlev Speakers. Requieres acces to a large Solver (not provided)

4.- Penya Barcelonista. An inventory game, courtesy of Prof.Jaume Ribera. See also the case

5.- Tama. Spreadsheet to calculate inventories for a large warehouse

6.-Calculation of inventories in a Supply Chain. The sheet SChainComplete.xls, is central in this module



1.- An introduction de Inventories from a local point of view

2.- The SC inventories view How to extend the simple local approach, in the previous presentation, to a full chain

Second Module

This was a shorter module, and therefore there is less material for you to get.


1.- TSPExercise, with the data of the Taveling salesman Problem, through the capitals of all peninsular provinces in Spain. You can practise the angle heuristic and then compare in the adjoining sheets with a com puterized procedure, called Linn's Algorithm. Linn's Algorithm is an interchange method that keeps interchanging the position of cities as long as there is a decrease in the total length of the route. There are several macros that implement the algorithm. Be sure to read the instructions, before running the algorithm. Last time I checked it runned beautifully, but you never know...


1.- Computing delivery routes for local distribution. This is the presentation detailing the angle heuristic for the traveling salesman problem, and the Vehicle Routing Problem

2.- Final Lecture summarizing the whole course.


And this is all for this course. See you around!